The project Parque das Nações had special focus on the integration of the urbanisation planing of this part of the Lisbon city. With strait lines and modern materials and contemporaneous textures, all the furniture from this project was made bespoke to accentuate the noble materials from the front of the building. Stainless steal and American Walnut satin finish define this project as one of our examples of luxury integrated in modern interiors.



The project Foz do Arelho represents what Portugal have at his best, taking advantage of the most beautiful landscapes of the Vicentina coast. This house have what most dream to live, with it perfect view and the most comfortable interiors. With the ample windows of the modern architecture , this project was designed to the centimetre, both the wood work and upholstery was made to take advantage of every centimetre of the space. With natural colours and strong textures , walking the house its allays present the feeling of a vacation house both in Summer and Winter.


For the project Paços de Ferreira it was selected creme tones and the most comfortable upholstery , this made to order architecture had in his interiors the most luxurious materials , respecting the only desire of the client having the space clear and made with the best materials. Taking advantage of the open space layout of the architecture we divided the floor division in 3 different spaces , the dining room , reading room and living room , this made possible the desires of the client to have a modern space with some iconic classic pieces.




The project Estoril is defined as one classic-intemporal approach to the modern design, this model apartment was used for a new building in the area of Estoril-cascais. With a strong feed back from the sales team this apartment was design to offer a luxurious experience to the new housing. Using references from the deco period , all the furniture on this proposal was made with the most noble materials.


The Project- Ericeira is the example of the most luxurious interiors, how better to rest in this room , designed to give the best of relaxation have to give. Projected with the most personalised project managing each part of this private domicile have a in temporal design, without being inclusive this exclusive design was made to please who doesn’t wants to wast quality of life even sleeping.





The project Lumiar its on of the most young interiors of the portfolio o the home of interior design , projected to be a open space for a young community with remarkable taste.This space was designed to complement simplicity with quality of life. Practical interiors designed with neutral colour palettes and wide relaxed space. The ultimate space to live life.